Should I Go With Carpet Or Tile

tilesFlooring Options – Are Carpets Or Tiles Right For Your Home?

Improving your home does not only involve the need to concentrate on its exterior and interior walls and ceilings. Another important part of this task is to select flooring materials that would best satisfy your needs and preferences. By carefully choosing among the wide variety of flooring options, you would become more satisfied with the outcomes of your important home improvement project.

Until now, carpets and tiles remain as two of the most famous flooring options in the real estate industry. Both of them are significantly cheaper than other existing flooring materials. If you want to choose from these two popular materials, you should read this article. It would share all the information you need in order to assess which of these two materials are best for your home.

Benefits from installing tiles

Tiles would be perfect for you if you or one of your family members have asthma or allergic rhinitis. Unlike carpets, tiles do not accumulate dust or other fine particles that could trigger respiratory problems and illnesses. They are also easier to clean because you could easily see the dirt and stains that are stuck in their surface. All you need to do is to scrub their surface with effective household cleaning products.

Aside from being allergen-free and easy-to-clean, tiles are also flexible flooring materials. With a touch of your creativity, you could easily cut them and arrange them into different artistic patters. You can use combinations of tiles made from marble, slate, or ceramics. With these different materials, you could instantly create your very own masterpiece within a short period of time.

Benefits from carpeted floors

If you want your home to be more comfortable than it already is, you should consider using carpets in your home instead of using ceramic or marble tiles. They could instantly make your home seem cozier and welcoming to your guests, as well as your loved ones.

How could carpets provide this kind of comfort for homeowners? Firstly, this flooring material could easily trap warm air in its surface. Hence, keeping your home warm during the cold winter months would become much easier once you choose carpet as the main flooring material in your home. In addition, a carpeted floor has the capability to absorb excessive sound. You would become less distracted by the sounds of children running around your home, or sounds coming from different rooms inside your house.

If there are old people inside your home, investing on tiles is not an ideal decision that you should make. Slippery tiles could become a big problem because old people could easily lose their balance once they step on wet and slippery flooring materials. You should take advantage of the slip-resistant properties of carpeted floors if you do not want these kinds of accidents to happen.

Combining carpets and tiles

If you are still undecided about the flooring material that you should use for your home, you could always experiment by combining carpets and tiles in your home. You could place your luxurious carpets in your living room, bedroom, or other areas where comfort is mostly needed. Meanwhile, areas that are prone to spills and being wet should be tiled instead of carpeted.

You should consider all of these things while choosing between tiles or carpets for your home. By remembering these tips, you could easily come up with a decision that you would never regret.

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