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home faceliftTimeless Window Treatments With Plantation Blinds.

Of the many wood window treatments, plantation blinds are preferred by most homeowners for its versatility in creating warm and authentic traditional look. They are custom made to the size specifications of your windows. This is a type of specialty window that is available in arched and angled shapes giving your windows a distinct and unique design treatment. They can easily be stacked up and easier to use than any other type of wood shutters. When it comes to cost, this type of window treatment caters to high-end home styling. It is relatively expensive compared to simpler constructions of window blinds and shades. However, it presents a great window design idea for someone who aims to achieve a design statement to his home décor.

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Plantation window blinds can readily complement traditional and contemporary home décor. They never go over the top in dressing up your window, which presents a terrific choice in bringing stylish functionality to your open windows. It flatters the best view in your home with a variety of classic window blind designs, which come in a variety of materials. For something that will keep your privacy in limiting your neighbor’s view of your living room or sun room. It can be angularly installed to preserve the appeal of your interior decorations in getting reliable protection against the heat and glaring light coming from the sun.

Plantation blinds works great in increasing your home’s market value. It boosts your home’s curb value or aesthetics, making it the ultimate window covering. For something that can effectively regulate light, lessen the need to operate your home air-conditioning system and provides a visually appealing window dressing, it practically makes high-end draperies and lush curtains things of the past. While wooden blinds are more expensive, you may opt to use faux wood to create the same effect at lower costs.

Indoor as well as exterior placement of this window treatment basically acts as a protective window seal. It can either be mounted inside or outside your naked windows, giving protection and security against intruders or theft. However, most people install this type of window blinds indoors since placing them outside comes with the need of opening your window to open or close the blinds every day.

One thing about wood or faux wood plantation blinds is that they are durable. Wooden blinds use slats that are sealed with polished finishes which limits the intrusion of moisture and other elements that might contribute to its ruin. On the other hand, faux wood is made from materials that readily resist moisture. The materials are also easiest to maintain; all it needs is occasional dusting or vacuuming. To prevent early wear and tear, it is advised to refrain from constantly adjusting the slats. Its slats may be turned or rotated at angles that can effectively shield sunlight and rain while still allowing cool air to come through.

When you are planning to renovate your living space and frilly and over the top window treatments go beyond your budget, then simpler yet equally stylish plantation blinds might do just the trick in giving your home a facelift. Classy and always in season, plantation window blinds never go out of style. When elegance and warmth is what you wanted to achieve in your home renovating project, then this window treatment can help you dramatically transform your naked windows into a fine living space centerpiece.