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insuranceDon’t Forget to Shop For Home Insurance Quotes to Cover Your Spring Renovations!

With warm weather finally deciding to make an appearance, people are slowly poking their heads out of their caves…ah, houses…and start picking up the pieces left behind by the snow and ice we’ve had all winter. This is a great time to start thinking about all those renovations you’ve been putting off out of respect for below freezing temperatures and think about shopping for home insurance quotes to cover those renovations before your insurer sticks you with the bill! (Or only covers you to the original value of your home, which is almost as bad.)

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To clarify, unless your home was damaged by circumstances included in your home insurance policy, your insurer isn’t going to pay for your renovations. When contractors come into your home, however, the risk that you may need to file an insurance claim actually goes up before it goes down. Exposed wiring, construction materials scattered here and there and changes to your home’s basic structure increase the risk of fire, broken pipes, and other damages to your house.

These are all covered under most insurance policies, but if it happens while construction’s going on your insurer may refuse to pay. Good contractors should carry their own insurance. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to talk to your insurer about additional coverage during renovations, just in case. They can issue you a temporary policy for the length of time they’ll be working on your house so a technicality never leaves you stuck with the bill.

As soon as you decide this spring is the spring you’re going to tear out that wall/fix your wiring/patch the holes in your roof/finish the attic, and you’ve spoken to a contractor and gotten an estimate and a starting date, pick up the phone. Reach out and touch your friendly neighborhood home insurance agent. Your agent will want to know the details of exactly what you’re doing to your home and how long it’s going to take. What they’ll do then is “pause” your regular coverage and issue you a temporary policy tailor-made to cover homes under renovation.

Keep in mind that insurance companies don’t stay in business by paying out more in claims than they bring in through premiums each year. The home insurance quotes you get when you’re looking for a renovation policy are going to be higher than your usual rates, and for good reason. Insurance companies have a vested interest in making sure they get their investment back!

Whatever your temporary home insurance quotes happen to be, however, they’re nothing compared to what you’re going to pay if you walk into your renovations uninsured.

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