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rent nowShould I Professionally Inspect My Home Prior to Renting It Out?

The decision to rent out your home may or may not be an easy decision for you. You may be faced with a rental situation is your home does not sell or perhaps you are just getting into property management. The details of managing your property in dealing with tenants can be rewarding and it can be very frustrating. Choosing the right renters is always a tricky task. Knowing if they will maintain your home properly or not is also a risky move but one that must be done if you were to rent the property.

Having a professional inspection prior to renting the home may be in your best interest as you will know a statically what is and is not wrong property before you let tenants in. Why should you have a professional perform the inspection? If you miss something, a tenant could come back at you for repairs even if they created the or caused the issue.

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A professional inspector will look over the entire property just as if a buyer is purchasing it. They will start from the ground up and inspect the crawlspace if applicable, the siding and insulation, the roofing and any pest issues. They will also make detailed notes of the interior condition as well. You can have them take photos, make notes as to existing issues, and create a report of any future issues that may need to be taken care of soon. At this time, it would be for all of you to replace or repair any major issues that the inspector could find. Especially if there are safety hazards you will want those address for any tenant looks at the home. Tenants may have pets or children and you need to make the inspector aware that this will be a rental and he or she will need to consider all types of tenants while performing the inspection.

Once the inspector have completed the report and you are satisfied with all the details and completed any and all repairs, you will make sure that the tenant reviews and signs the inspection report. They need to be aware that they are responsible for any issues that they create other than normal wear and tear and maintenance on a home.

It may cost a little more to complete this extra step is your peace of mind and any additional costs in the future that you should not have to pay for will be well worth it with the pre-inspection prior to renting a property.

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