Can A Fresh Coat Of Paint Help The Value Of My Home

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paintingHow a Fresh Coat of Paint For Your House Can Really Add Value.

If you are looking to sell your home, then you might want to think about painting it first. When a potential buyer looks at a freshly painted home it will look new and unblemished to them. Painting your home does not just involve picking out the main color and the trim. A good quality pain product can actually protect your home from being damaged by wind, rain or snow. You are going to want to pick the best exterior paint that will offer you the most protection for your money. Here are a few things you should think about when you are choosing a paint for your home:

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1) Is it durable? Your paint should be able to take the heat, the rain and the snow without fading or chipping. It should also come with some sort of warranty. You can prevent these unfortunate things from happening by picking a 100% latex-acrylic paint which will resist the normal wear and tear of the seasons.

2) What about Mildew and Algae? You will want a paint that will protect your home from both of these villains. Mildew and algae can cause a lot of untold damage that might not be seen right away until a home inspection is done, and then you will have to spend tons of money to clean it up right! Algae will grow anywhere there is water and light. It can grow on your house walls, both interior and exterior and it can even grow on windows! Mildew on the other hand likes to eat and it particularly likes sweets, like wood or oil particles from paint. Inspect your paint labels carefully. Most paints out on the market will state they only protect from mildew.

Now let’s get down to business. Picking the right color and paint type for your house. Think about these when you are ready to buy:

1) How easy is it to apply? You are going to want a paint that will look good and offer protection in one easy application. This will save you time and money. You should look for a paint that offers one-coat application which will give you the same thickness as if you were to apply two coats of another paint.

2) Choose a paint with great masking features. If you want to paint your house and you need to hide cosmetic defects, the best paint you can find is one with a “high-hiding pure white finish”. When you hide something it means that you are using the paint to actually conceal any blemishes with the paint’s own texture, tint and thickness. Most paints use gray to help hide blemishes but this can create a very murky, gray end result. If you pick a paint with a pure white base, then you will be able to hide any blemishes without the murkiness. Having this type of finish is imperative if you want to have a brilliant white trim, a gleaming white house or you are planning on painting the house a lighter color, like yellow.

3) What color should you choose? Obviously, you should pick a color scheme that will attract your eye and will go with the character of your home. Color is important to attract the right customer so think about what type of home you have. You should take into consideration what type of architectural influence it displays, what color patterns emerge and how you would like to see it. Also, think about the other homes in your neighborhood. What colors do they reflect? Another thing to think about is the area that surrounds your house. Is it industrial or urban or suburban? How will your newly painted house look in that environment through out all four seasons? If you need to, look at the trees and shrubs in your yard and neighborhood for some clue. Their colors as accents might help to create the best overall picture. Painting your house is a great way to jazz up it’s appearance and make something old look new again! If you want to sell your home and add more value to the home price, painting your home is an excellent choice! Remember, choose your exterior colors and paint carefully!